ICMAB New Syllabus 2021

2021 Syllabus 



Foundation Level

Code No.      Level/Subjects Download
FR 111 Fundamentals of Financial Accounting  Download
TA 112 Business Quantitative Analysis  Download
EF 113 Business Economics & International Business  Download
MS114 Fundamentals of Management & Business Communication  Download



Intermediate Level I

Code No.      Level/Subjects  Download
CM 121 Cost Accounting   Download
FR 222 Intermediate Financial Accounting   Download
TA 223 Information & Communication Technologies  Download
MS 224 Marketing & Supply Chain Management    Download
LT 125 Corporate & Business Laws     Download



Intermediate Level II

Code No.      Level/Subjects  Download
CM 231 Management Accounting   Download
EF 232 Financial Management   Download
AA 133 Auditing   Download
LT 234  Fundamentals of Tax, VAT & Public Financial Management  Download



Advanced Level I

Code No.      Level/Subjects  Download
CM 341 Strategic Cost and Management Accounting   Download
FR 342 Advanced Financial Reporting  Download
EF 343 Corporate Finance Strategy & Financial Market  Download
LT 344 Corporate Governance & Secretarial Practices  Download



Advanced Level II

Code No.      Level/Subjects  Download
MS 351 Business Strategy    Download
AA 252  Cost & Management Audit   Download
LT 453 Advanced Income Tax & VAT  Download
CS 154 Integrated Case Study  Download