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Financial Services

  • Preparation of Financial Management Manual, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), Standard Procurement Procedures (SPP), etc.
  • Financial Recovery Planning (FRP) to overcome cash crisis in any business disaster, economic crisis, pandemic, etc.
  • Raising Fund for Business (getting bank loan, off-shore finance and IPO related advisory services).
  • Feasibility Study and preparation of project profile.
  • Asset and business valuation services.
  • Inventory and fixed assets management services including physical inventory.

Business Advisory

  • Diagnose the causes of low productivity, inefficiency, wastages, sickness, losses and profitability losses and provide necessary solutions.
  • Financial Recovery Planning (FRP) to overcome cash crisis in any business disaster, economic crisis, pandemic, etc.
  • Managing in a cash crisis situation.
  • Analyze the investment versus benefit and suggest about the ways and means to improve efficiency and performance for achieving organizational goals and maximizing profits.
  • Do research & survey on demand and supply and other socio-economic issues.
  • Develop production management control (PMC) system.
  • Do costing and pricing of products and services and implement a manufacturing and marketing support system in the organization for getting a competitive advantage in the market.

IT and ERP

  • ERP, Automation and Easy software for inventory, pay roll, accounting, costing, etc.
  • Manufacturing software.
  • Easy but very effective and elaborate software for Real Estate and Construction companies.
  • Digital installation and implantation services.

Tax & VAT Advisory

  • Tax, VAT and Customs Duty Planning and providing related services.
  • Transfer Pricing.
  • Appeal, Tribunal & High Court Case management on Tax, VAT and Customs Duty related matters.
  • Foreign Employees’ tax planning, return filling etc.
  • Payroll management and dealing tax matters on salary income.
  • Advising on AIT, TDS, VDS, etc.

Audits and Assurance

  • Internal Management Audit, Control and Compliance.
  • Special Audit and Investigation as per the requirement of the client.
  • Cost and Performance Audits.
  • Efficiency Audit.
  • Due diligence audit.

Company Affairs and Corporate Supports

  • Company formation, management, liquidation and winding up, etc.
  • Getting business and regulatory permissions, Filling returns, and dealing the compliance issues with RJSC, BIDA, BSEC, Stock Exchanges as per the requirements of the clients.
  • Employee management (policy guidelines for hiring, firing, increment, promotion, gratuity, provident fund, staff welfare, etc.).

Management Training and Headhunting

  • Accounting, auditing and internal control.
  • Income tax, VAT and Customs Duties.
  • Budgeting, budget monitoring and budgetary control.
  • Preparing and monitoring Annual Business Plan (ABP).
  • Human Resources Developments.
  • IT related matters.
  • Finance for non-finance personnel.
  • Assist the employers in getting suitable candidates in hiring the right man at the right place.