About Us

We Are Professional Consultants to Provide Business, Finance, Tax-VAT and ERP Solutions

CMAB Professional Consultancy Center is powered by ICMAB and consists of highly skilled veteran independent professionals, firms, and thousands of research assistants and article students dedicated to providing professional services as per the requirements of the valued clients. It provides services under professional ethics and integrity on which you can rely and get things done perfectly at a reasonable cost. Our panel of experts does in-depth study and analysis to diagnose the causes of cost overruns and give effective solutions to overcome those problems.

Our Services

We’ve Opportunity

Financial Services

Preparation of Financial Management Manual, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), Standard Procurement Procedures (SPP), etc.

Business Advisory

Diagnose the causes of low productivity, inefficiency, wastages, sickness, losses and profitability losses and provide necessary solutions.

IT and ERP

ERP, Automation and Easy software for inventory, pay roll, accounting, costing, etc.

Tax & VAT Advisory

Tax, VAT and Customs Duty Planning and providing related services.

Audits and Assurance

Internal Management Audit, Control and Compliance.

Company Affairs and Corporate Supports

Company formation, management, liquidation and winding up, etc.