Training Program on Business and Financial Modeling using excel

You are well aware that the ICMAB is playing a vital role in economic development of the country through its continuous endeavor in supplying competent professional accountants. The very purpose of the formation of the institute is promoting and regulating the cost and management accounting profession in the country. In addition to offering management accounting education to students, the institute also plays a significant role by arranging different training programs for its members to ensure the level of competency which keeps them highly demanded in the market place.

You know that we, the professional accountants, work in a very highly competitive and changing business environment. In such a situation, we are running the risk of getting obsolete if we don’t keep ourselves updated with the changed skill-sets required by employers. IFAC (2010) and CGMA (2014) studies identified five categories of skill-sets demanded from professional accountants which are intellectual skills, technical & functional skills, personal skills, interpersonal & communication skills and business management skills. The institute also studies the necessity of skills required by its members considering the surrounding market. IT skills as a part of technical & functional skills get the highest attention as the economy has already transformed as IT based economy. Accounting and reporting functions are going to be mostly technology based keeping it in line with the national slogan ‘Digital Bangladesh’.

You will be happy to know that the institute is organizing a specialized training program for the members titled ‘Business and Financial Modeling’. The training program covers three modules: MS Excel 2016 (Basic to Advanced), Financial Modeling Using MS Excel 2016 and Feasibility Study. The duration of the training program will be 1 month covering 72 hours. Members will avail 20 credit hours for attending the training program. Fee for the program is BDT 15,000.00 per participant but the member of ICMAB will receive a discount of 30% if participated at individual capacity. Other details of the program are available in the attached brochure. Experts in relevant field will facilitate the training program. It is expected that the training will uplift the participants’ soft skills significantly and at the same time, increase the career opportunities.

You will be also happy to know that considering the need of IT training for our members as well for the students ICMAB has set-up a modern Computer laboratory at the ground floor of ICMAB Bhaban. This training program will start on 11/09/2018 at 7:00 p.m. at the new Computer laboratory and it is for your kind information that the new Lab will be inaugurated on the same day at your presence. The deadline of Registration of the program is on 06/09/2018. As the seats of the training program are limited, First Come First Served rule will be applicable. A registration form is also attached herewith for your perusal and necessary action.