Exam Fees

Examination and Exemption Fees
A Student is required to pay Examination Fees for the subject(s), he wishes to sit for the examination.  Effective CMA December-2017 Exam, the examination fee per subject for different levels are as follows:

Levels Fees per subject
Foundation Level – PL-II 500.00
PL-III & PL-IV 625.00
Knowledge & Business Level 500.00
Operation, Management Level & Strategic Level 625.00
Exemption Application Fees 500.00

Payment of Fees

A student seeking registration with the Institute are to pay Registration fee, Admission fee, Tuition fee, Annual subscription, Library Card fee, Identity Card fee, Semester fee etc. as determined by the authority from time to time.

Tuition fee paid on enrolment for subject(s) will not be refunded to any student in case he discontinues his studies and it will be lapsed to the Institute.

In case he joins coaching classes during next or subsequent years, he will be required to pay full tuition fees and his previous payments on account of fees will not be adjusted.

Those students who have already completed 75% lecture attendance in certain subjects during previous year and if they intend to re-enroll under the same subjects to up-date their studies through coaching classes in the current year, they will be charged tuition fees prescribed for these subjects.

Those students who enrolled during previous years under coaching classes but could not complete their attendance and did not pay 100% coaching dues during the year of enrolment and left classes un-attended, they will be required to pay full tuition fees for the current year in one installment only in case they re-enroll under the same courses.

Methods of payment of fees

All dues and fees must be paid in one of the following methods:

i. For payment at Head Office and Branches or Study Centres 

  • By payment to designated Bank of the Institute.